Conscious Cleaning Made Easy

Buy the bottle once and refill with powerful cleaning powder concentrates. Just add tap water.

How it Works

Adding our concentrated cleaning products to tap water in our reusable spray bottle creates great cleaning products without the plastic waste. This small change can really make a difference, not just for our cleaning products, but for the environment as a whole. Every little bit counts!


  • Cleaning Tablets

    Add a tablet to your refill bottle

  • Just Add Tap Water

    Add lukewarm tap water to produce an effective cleaning formula

  • Screw On Spray Trigger

    Once tablets have dissolved after 15 minutes, gently swirl the formula.

  • Start Cleaning

    The perfect way to keep your home eco-clean by filling and refilling the Goodfill way.

Goodfill Community

Are you concerned about the environment, but find it hard to know where to start when it comes to making changes in your own life? Well, we're here to help. Locally produced in Cape Town, South Africa to reduce the carbon foot print.