Say goodbye to single-use plastic and hello Goodfill.

The problem

Conventional cleaning products come in single use plastic containers which are filled with harsh chemicals and toxins that can be harmful to you and the environment.

More than 90% of a typically bottle of cleaning product is water, which means a lot of energy is expended to ship the non-active ingredient of the product.

In addition, 91% of single use plastics never being recycled means its time for a change.

Goodfill solution

Goodfill proposes an alternative eco-conscious model. Our dissolvable concentrate tablets are bio-degradable and 100% natural. Refill your bottle again and again.

Never buy single use plastic again. Refill forever.

Simply mix your tap water with our tablets. Use your own spray bottle or ours!

Goodfill Mission

At Goodfill, we believe that people and the planet deserve better. We're on a mission to create simple and beautiful solutions that inspire everyone to make sustainable choices. Our products are designed to perform brilliantly and cut down on waste, without using single-use plastic or shipping water around the world. We're driven by our values of simplicity, realism, boldness, and positivity, and we're committed to creating products that make a positive difference in the world. Join us on our mission to create a better future for people and planet.

About Us

We are a family of passionate problem-solvers who constantly ask ourselves how we can make things better. We're based in Cape Town, South Africa, and our products are available online and at selected local retailers. It's all locally made in Cape Town, South Africa.